Killers Watercooler

Cara and I went to see Asobi Seksu at Rothko last night. Rothko’s doorman is having problems these days because neighbors like to throw water at the hipsters who congregate outside. Apparently I was on the list, but I didn’t know that so I shelled out the $8 to get in. The band was pretty good. There were some sound problems, but I got the gist. Really liked Mellowdrone too. And Cara found the crowd to be not annoying!

On the way to the club I passed Mercury Lounge where there was a huge line of people trying to get into Killers. Cab driver Miguel was astonished:

Miguel: Oh look at the people! They are crazy.
Stereogum: They’re waiting for the Killers. They’re really hot now!
Miguel: The Killers? Why? Do they kill the notes?
Stereogum: (laughing) Yeah! They kill the notes!
Migeul: Haaaa. I just thought of that now. It popped in my head! Do you know them? Tell them I said “The Killers kill the notes!”

Did anybody go last night?