Pete Doherty Has A New Goal

We’ve already wondered aloud: If Kanye wants someone to be his black Kate Moss, does that mean he’s the black Pete Doherty? Something to add to the equation: What are the real-life Kate ‘n’ Pete supposed to do now that a line in a rap song makes more headlines than the lines they snort? Well, on top of a new song (and new roommate!), Pete has a new drug, one that won’t make him sick, and one that feels a tad more productive than supplying his cat with crack.

Coaching soccer!

Who knows if he can make it through a season without relapsing, but lest you think he’s some sorta dribbling poseur, check out this video of Pele Pete scoring a goal in a celebrity soccer match.

If soccer can get people off the streets maybe it can get Pete off the drugs?