Austin City Limits ’07: My Morning Jacket Are The Best (Dressed) Band In America

MMJ know how to make a fest memorable, don’t they. Bonnaroo ’06 they set themselves apart from the pack with a three hour marathon, Lolla ’06 they inspired us to call ‘em the best live band in America, but that all was just the beginning: this year, they showed us they know how to dress. Last month in Chicago the Jim James crew rocked in purple tuxes, and perhaps having heard your complaints that purple penguin suits just are too formal for a rock show, MMJ’s ACL set had ‘em dressed like big-wigged surfheads, beachbums, and snorklers, along with the intermittently wandering, metal-detector toting guy; Polynesian princesses hoisting pineapples; and Andrew Bird (with violin) dressed the part, along to jam on “Golden.”

The set had the rabble rousing standards (“What A Wonderful Man,” “Gideon,” “One Big Holiday,” etc.), but the tropical vibe really pulled together on “Wordless Chorus,” when the pretty pineapple ladies first made their way out, swaying to Jim J’s “ooh”s, “ahh”s, and “yeah”s. So, ooh ahh and yeah, look out Flaming Lips, think MMJ’s making a bid for most essential festival band. Lots and lots of pics for ya, after the jump.