Diddy Joins Arctic Monkeys

From the Sheffield rockers latest YouTube upload: “It’s your boy Diddy. I’m the newest member of the Arctic Monkeys. I’m not gonna be singing. I’m not gonna be playing any instruments. But I’m part of the crew. I’m part of the entourage. So if y’all fuck with the Arctic Monkeys, y’all gotta fuck with me.” Also? “All you other rock bands out there in London, for real, if y’all even look at my guys weird backstage, I’m a jump on that motherfucking British Airways flight, come backstage, and stick my foot so far up your ass.” As Matt Helders observes the rapper/vlogger preparing grits and French toast for 60 in his Miami home, Diddy claims to be the world’s biggest AMonks fan, promising to sign them to Bad Boy. It’s basically the Making The Band trailer of our dreams (nightmares). Watch at Videogum.