New French Kicks Video – “Abandon”

A ways back we posted French Kicks’ “Abandon” and mentioned that it made us reminisce about a specific time in Brooklyn. Now that there’s a video for the song almost a year later, we can also reminisce about that post. The Austin Peters-directed clip goes a long way to breathing new life into the Swimming track via bright bouncing balls, a woman with a hula hoop, two kids with a piñata, a dude rocking out by his lonesome, and the band performing in front of colorful balloons and streamers. Amid all this happiness, you’ll also spot a gal crying full-on into the camera, “Actor Out Of Work“-style. Let’s get the smeared mascara out of the way first.

For your own party/abandonment:

French Kicks – “Abandon” (MP3)

Swimming is out via Vagrant. Keep up to date with French Kicks at their website.

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