New Phoenix Video – “Lisztomania”

Nineteenth century classical composer Franz Liszt was the Rex Manning of his day. He got so many chicks, you have no idea. And they would faint at his concerts because he was so awesome. If you’re surprised it took this long for a pop act to celebrate the phenomenon in song, you are not a Rick Wakeman completist. But that’s fine, Phoenix’s tribute is much catchier. In Antoine Wagner’s low budget video for the Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (always with the classy titles) single, the French quartet take an inflatable zeppelin bearing the album’s name to the Franz Liszt Museum in Bayreuth, Germany. Appropriately enough, by the end of the clip a crowd of ecstatic European hipsters is tousling Thomas Mars’ hair. Cool it ladies, he’s taken.

If you missed Phoenixomania on SNL earlier this month, all three (!) songs can be viewed here. In January, Mars told us he’s especially looking forward to taking “Lisztomania” on the road, and we announced the band’s North American dates yesterday, so get with the programme.

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is out 5/25 in the US on Loyaute/Glassnote Records.

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