New Nicole Atkins Video – “The Way It Is”

Even though the line between “major” and “indie” grows finer with each newly launched/thinly veiled offshoot/subsidiary label, few artists can keep a foot on each side of the divide and get hugs from both. Such is it for Nicole Atkins, though; the past few weeks have seen her onstage with Feist’s indie choir at Letterman and singing “Young Folks” with Peter Bjorn & John (both Feist and PB&J are part of the “illusion of indie,” but still…), and now word is Nic’s major label debut has been delayed because music biz savior Rick Rubin wants a turn tweaking. She’s come a ways from the open mic at the Sidewalk on 6th and A, but folks there have seen this sorta thing happening for her from the start. Been awhile from label signing to new material release, Feb giving us our first taste of new stuff (this track), which we then said “bodes well for the record” and was her “best songwriting yet.” All true, and the vid’s creepy, crinkled film and vintage color bleeds/light halos suit the cut’s slightly disturbed, soaring ‘n’ nostalgic arc. Is that dude dead at the end?

Neptune City is out 10/30 on Columbia.