Band From TV

As noted earlier in the summer, the House soundtrack’s got Elvis Costello’s Xtina cover “Beautiful,” Massive Attack’s classic “Teardrop,” and Hugh Laurie covering the Stones. Yep, Doc House sings, but SNL devotees already knew that. The odder part of the story is that Doc House sings with Band From TV, a not-quite-all-star collection of TV talent including the mindreader from Heroes and Bob the Bachelor. Also there’s Lester Holt, who for some reason we love, famous for being a last-minute sit-in for Matt Lauer on Today, and here being a last-minute sit-in for whoever was originally meant to be the Band bassist. In this little documercial clip, we learn these guys are doing it ’cause they love it and that all proceeds go to charity, a fact that probably saddens bachelor Bob. But hey, as we imagine he’d say: “To extend my 15 minutes by even a few seconds is payment enough.”