Patti LaBelle Is Hot

Not in the Paris Hilton sense (si, so ’06 of us) — LaBelle’s joining the ever growing ranks of celebrity hot sauciers. Via TMZ:

Music legend Patti LaBelle is about to get very saucy — literally! The 63-year-old vocal powerhouse is getting into the condiment business, by coming out with a line of five different hot sauces and relishes. Available later this year, the flavors will include Sweet Hot Jalapeno, Rich Red Blended Cayenne, and for all you menopausal women out there — Hot Flash Blended Habanero & Jalapeno sauce! Patti’s going from Lady Marmalade to Spice Girl!

Not that surprising considering she’s already authored some cookbooks — including the dorkily titled LaBelle Cuisine: Recipes to Sing About — but it does add fuel (err, cayenne) to the growing celebrity hot sauce trend.

As we mentioned a ways back, Michael Anthony’s spending his ex-Van Halen days concocting Mad Anthony sauces, a variation on Dexter Holland and his Offspring-approved Gringo Bandito and Joe Perry’s Rock Your World, etc. So much rocker red sauce, so little time: Get busy sampling the spices … and make sure to wash it down with some ice-cold Mansinthe. Mmm, Mansinthe. Wonder which celeb goes foodie next. Maybe some Fergalicioius brand bubblegum?