Feist To Get Unplugged With The Police

Back in February, after having heard only “My Moon My Man” from the sublime The Reminder LP, we called it like we saw it: this was to be Feist’s big breakout year, predicting a “Chan-like rise in stature.” In a sense, that’s an understatement, but broken-out she has, winning raves around the world and up and down the NYSE, tapped for campaigns from LG to Apple, pulling her friends along into the spotlight.

But after all the great stuff that’s gone down for this year for Leslie (friend/producer Chilly Gonzales saying “she sold half a million Let it Die albums in three years and almost the same amount of The Reminder in three months”), there’s still stuff on the horizon getting her stirred up…

[Pic from Feist/Grizzly Bear @ Town Hall 6/12/07]

Via Guardian:

But ask her what she’s most looking forward to right now, and after fiddling with her water bottle for a while, she decides that it’s the Police’s invitation to sing with them on an MTV Unplugged session and having her photo taken by Annie Leibovitz.

Leslie and Gordon first met at Bonnaroo this year; we were nearby when Feist’s manager came frantically, pulling her and saying “We have to go.” After Feist asked why, said manager offered: “Sting’s requested a meeting.” Requested a meeting! That’s how Sting rolls. Anyway, the meeting must’ve gone pretty well. Not sure when this thing’ll air, but we’ll keep you posted. At this point, what could make this year any more Feisty?