New LCD Soundsystem Video – “Someone Great”

There was a moment at an ACL afterparty when the DJ followed by Guided By Voices’ Bee Thousand jam “Smothered In Hugs” with the Silver sounds of “Someone Great.” Doesn’t sound like it should flow, but somehow it was perfect, prompting us to say something intelligent like “this song’s fucking awesome” to nobody in particular. But three kids around answered back and started a discussion in which all agreed — “Someone Great” is something ‘fucking awesome.’ So what we’re saying is, kudos to James Murphy for unleashing a clip for it this week; we and the random drunks of Texas thank you.

Award winning/MoMA-commissioned short film maker Doug Aitken shot the “experimental film” for the track, which captures James’s use of the mundane (phones ringing, lovely weather, not-bitter coffee) to hit at something interpersonal ‘n’ bigger (“you’re smaller than my wife imagined / surprised you were human”) with similarly trivial-yet-somehow-heavy shadows ‘n’ strolls. James ain’t in it, but we’re thinking he’s comfy with the amount of mug exposure he got in his spaceman getup / Peter Gabriel facepaint.

Sound Of Silver is out now via DFA.