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We Got The Tweet: The Streets Tweet An EP

Music biz microblogging can be sure silly, with its potential for overblown beefs and identity theft. But it’s hard to get mad at @LilyRoseAllen’s cryptic concert ticket hunts or @METALFACEDOOM reviewing the new Eminem video. Yesterday we were retweeted by half of Tears For Fears … #swoon. There’s vital discourse happening in the Twitterverse, if you know where to look (hint: not here). But this week’s gold star in tweeting goes to @SkinnerMike, AKA The Streets, and his project to record and debut three songs in three days exclusively via Twitter.

Tuesday brought the straightforward “I Love My Phone.” Yesterday’s funk infused “Trust Me” was better than almost everything on last year’s Everything Is Borrowed. The trilogy concluded this afternoon with “David Hassles.” I’m calling it The @SkinnerMike EP Vol. 1 because three more tunes are coming next week! I’m not the biggest Streets fan, but this newfangled singles club is a lot of fun. Maybe it’ll start a trend. What do you think, Natasha?

01 The Streets – “I Love My Phone” (MP3)
02 The Streets – “Trust Me” (MP3)
03 The Streets – “David Hassles” (MP3)

I made a cover.


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