Japancakes Cover My Bloody Valentine

The experimental, instrumental Athens, GA outfit Japancakes are putting out two albums this year, one of which tickles us as lovers of covers: Loveless, the band’s tribute to the seminal MBV LP everyone loves to namecheck on their all-time top five list. Pretty ambitious, JCakes! Also, may be worth adding a word or two to that album title, no? Whatever, their “Only Shallow” actually hits a sweet shoegazer spot, all without a lick of pedal fuzz. Yeah, the band saddled themselves with a few more rules in addition to the “all-instrumental” and “each player tracks separately” bit: No distortion, and only pedal steel or cello in place of the vox. The whale-song sirens and textural luster are in there alright, and though mostly reverent to a fault, it’s pretty impressive as an experiment in arrangement. Gauge the results:

Japancakes – “Only Shallow” (MP3)

The Athenians also have Giving Machines out this year (available now on iTunes, 10/9 in whatever record stores are still standing), comprising all originals and a cover of Cocteau Twins’ “Heaven Or Las Vegas.” The Japancakes version of Loveless is out this November on Darla.

Also, who’s got the updated odds on this My Bloody Valentine reuniting at Coachella story? Are there any new forum board posts about K. Shields encounters out there? ‘Cause that’s all the first wave of “legit press” stories was based on, right? Right.