New Ben Lee Live Video – “Love Me Like The World Is Ending”

Aussie troubadour Ben Lee’s kept a busy pre-release schedule, checking in from the studio, covering Against Me!’s entire New Wave LP and giving it away for free, and getting his video shoots shut down by the NYPD. That police-seized track, “Love Me Like The World Is Ending,” is the one Ben took into a room with a piano for a little stripped ‘n’ live take. During the aborted shoot, Lee hired a bunch of kids to do stuff like it was the last day on earth; this one’s just got Ben emoting, standing up, sending his love-me-up message. If you don’t know this song by now, you will when it scores that romantic comedy’s ending montage, when the guy runs through the streets to track down the girl before she takes the cab to get to the airport and fly out of his life forever. Then they’ll kiss. And Ben Lee will start to sing…

…and you’ll choke back a tear and tell your friends the movie sucked. But it didn’t, did it. Ripe is out via New West.

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