New El Grupo Nuevo De Omar Rodriguez Lopez – “Half Kleptos” (Stereogum Premiere)

Omar Rodríguez-López has a new band. The Mars Volta songwriter/multi-instrumentalist is calling it El Grupo Nuevo de Omar Rodríguez-López because it rolls off the tongue but he could also call it Hella Volta. That’s because alongside Omar the psych/prog/fusion outfit features Hella’s Zach Hill and Jonathan Hischke on drums and synth bass and Mars Volta’s Juan Alderete and Cedric Bixler-Zavala on bass guitar and vocals. Basically El Grupo is designed to kick your ass. Forthcoming debut LP Cryptomnesia (the first in a trilogy) was actually recorded as an instrumental in 2006. It took two years to add vocals, but we’ll cut Cedric some slack because some of those time signatures can give you a migraine.

The tracklist has me laughing and crying:
01 “Tuberculoids”
02 “Half Kleptos”
03 “Cryptomnesia”
04 “They’re Coming To Get You, Barbara”
05 “Puny Humans”
06 “Shake Is For 8th Graders”
07 “Noir”
08 “Paper Cunts”
09 “Elderly Pair Beaten With Hammer”
10 “Warren Oates”
11 “Fuck Your Mouth”

FYI the term cryptomnesia means “inadvertent plagiarism,” so that’s funny too. The joke’s on your mind’s eye:

Cryptomnesia is out 5/5 as the debut release of Rodriguez Lopez Productions (dude is a branding genius). You can pre-order the CD or (black) vinyl here. Three thousands copies of the LP will be available tomorrow for Record Store Day, but not sure where exactly, so let us know if you spot one.