Division Day Cover Depeche Mode

Since we’ve been in a Depeche sorta mode thanks to Hilary’s (military) fatigued karaoke act, thought it’d be nice to round out the Gahan love with something more palatable. And just like that, out pops Division Day’s take on “Enjoy The Silence,” a continuation of DD’s cover-full celebration of the Beartrap Island re-release. Last time the band tackled Sunny Day Real Estate and totally stripped the percussion; their move on “Enjoy” isn’t quite so extreme, though the stomp ‘n’ slicing beat marks are held mostly to the hook’s 1 and 3. Not bad, and certainly up to Duff.

Division Day – “Enjoy The Silence” (MP3)

The Beartrap Island re-release is out 10/2 on Eenie Meenie.