New Thurston Moore – “Fri/End”

Thurston Moore, of course, is plenty well known for guitar fireworks. But there’s also his teen-riot-causing art-pop sensibility and a smoothly after-six voice that once made a college housemate admit all his Sonic Youth contributions made her weak in the knees. So, hey, in honor of ex-housemates everywhere, what better entryway into Trees Outside The Academy, Moore’s solo followup to ’95’s Psychic Hearts than “Fri/End,” his swooniest track in ages: It chimes and lilts like lighter Rather Ripped SY, but taps into a different, less coiled space.

Thurston Moore – “Fri/End” (MP3)

Listen to the lyrics, take out that little “/” divider, open yr hearts, and we switch from the end of the week to “friend” … how sweet. Speaking of which, Trees is peopled by Steve Shelley’s drums, J. Mascis’s Mascis-ness, always excellent Samara Lubelski, ex-Come/Codeine player/amazing solo artist Chris Brokaw, Charalambides’ Christina Carter, jazz bassist Matt Heyner, Sunburned Hand of The Man?s John Moloney, etc. It was recorded by the ubiquitous John Agnello at Mascis’s Bisquiteen Studios. So, yeah, not all that solo.

Trees Outside The Academy is out on Ecstatic Peace. If you’re in the NYC area, you can catch Mr. Moore live 9/24 at Maxwell’s and 9/26 at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. If not, close your eyes and pretend he’s rocking “Fri/End” just for you, friend.