Glasser Brings “Mirrorage” To Fallon

As folks familiar with her live show would’ve expected, Glasser’s Cameron Mesirow dressed up to perform Ring’s “Mirrorage” on Fallon last night, but she really went for it. Kinda feels like a trip to Epcot Center. This was her American television debut.

There was more to that performance than Glasser & Co.’s wardrobes: It was the “First-ever Embedded Late Night TV Performance.” Which means there were QR codes on stage that “take you to a 3-D ‘lobby'” where you can access a web exclusive Fallon performance of “Clamour,” a download of the original “Mirrorage” (plus a remix), the “Mirrorage” video, and a link to Amazon’s ‘”Daily Deal” to buy the album for cheap. Some info:

The concept of using QR codes on TV came from a desire to create a more interactive experience for viewers of the Jimmy Fallon show. We wanted to solve the problem of how can people at home home or in an audience feel a greater level of participation than just sitting and listening. By using QR codes people will explore and find embedded content that was previously not available to them and have a richer viewing experience.

At its core, this project is a collaboration of designers and creative thinkers. Having the idea of using a QR code on TV is not enough. It’s a pretty bland experience, similar to dialing a phone number or sending a text message. That is why we enlisted creatives from top design and technology schools to create the experience and custom tags that fit the aesthetics of Glasser…

Rather than just use standard QR code generators, Glasser wanted to re-interpret the album cover for Ring. To achieve this, RISD graduate student, Kyuha Shim, built a system using programming language that receives color data sets from Glasser’s album graphics and adapts them to the modules that he designed. The result is an aesthetic for the QR codes that both departs from the monochromatic standards for QR codes, and more importantly ties the experience back to the album sleeve originally designed by Tauba Auerbach.

Ring is out now via True Panther.