New M83 Video – “We Own The Sky”

Call it fansourcing, call it laziness, but the “make our music video!” press releases that flood Stereogum’s inbox make me yearn for the days of “Scream.” Of course labels have no money and MTV/VH1 only programs videos for insomniacs, so I empathize with artists forced to support homemade garbage. But sometimes inspiration strikes and everybody wins. That’s the sitch for M83’s new clip, the best submission among 83 budding Gondrys. The sorta-professional sounding but actually teenage “director’s label and design collective” Young Replicant were behind the camera and FX for this lens flared kite and confetti party. It was Anthony Gonzalez’s fave because “I like the atmosphere of it cause it fits perfectly to the music and the lyrics. It’s exactly what I had in mind when I wrote the song.” Nice work, Young Replicant. My submission would’ve been a remake of The Breakfast Club so either way it would’ve ended with a makeout scene.

M83 will be opening for Depeche Mode in Europe this spring. Tubular:

06/30 London, UK @ O2 Arena
06/02 Hamburg, Germany @ Nordbank Arena
06/04 Dusseldorf, Germany @ LTU Arena
06/05 Dusseldorf, Germany @ LTU Arena
06/07 Leipzig, Germany @ Zentralstadion
06/08 Leipzig, Germany @ Zentralstadion
06/10 Berlin, Germany @ Olympiastadion
06/12 Frankfurt, Germany @ Commerzbank Arena
06/13 Munich, Germany @ Olympiastadion
06/16 Rome, Italy @ Stadio Olimpico
06/18 Milan, Italy @ San Siro
06/27 Paris, France @ Stade de France
06/28 Nancy, France @ Zenith

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