Mute Math Do It Ass-Backwards On Kimmel

“Typical”? More like a-“Typical”! Whoa! Bad joke. But props where props are due and all that, we stacked Mute Math at #3 on our casual but totally definitive list of history’s greatest backwards videos of all time forever and ever for “Typical.” A few months later, the MM guys wanted to make an impression with the tune on Kimmel, which they did last night late night. No, no Bonnanude streaker (NSFW, kids); the Math went and recaptured the magic of their YouTube smash by recreating the backwards…um…ness of “Typical” in Jimmy’s studio, shot for reversed shot. Sorta cool to see the results, but sorta hilarious to see how not into it the crowd is. Think about watching a backwards video being recorded live; it’s gotta be like Blue Man Group gone bad, less the blue.