New Mick Jagger Video – “Charmed Life”

Mick flashes back through some of his favorite moments in the video for “Charmed Life”– hugging Bono, playing bass, hugging Sting, chillin’ with Lenny Kravitz, chicken dancing from here to eternity, wearing a pink scarf! The innocuously funky, oddly dub-tinged tune’s one of the previously unreleased songs from the new greatest hits album, The Very Best Of Mick Jagger. Right, if this is the best we’d hate to see the worst, and all that. But note that hippity hop bounce in Mick’s swagger during the “when I walk out my front door” studio shot. Damn, Jagger’s gettin’ jiggy with it!

Those beguilingly distant backup vocals? Jagger’s daughter, Karis (no, not Kelis). The “song” is one of two previously unreleased, Rick Rubin produced Wandering Spirit demos from The Very Best– way to save the music industry, Rick. “Charmed Life” was subsequently remixed by Ashley Beedle for inclusion on the collection. All said, it’s as terrible as anything in his solo canon … which means Rolling Stone will give it 5 stars.