Stereogum’s New MP3 Page

PSA time, friends. We look under the hood and kick the tires and other car inspection metaphors around here constantly, trying to figure tweaks and upgrades that’ll make you a more efficient procrastinator. Usually we’ll just slip those changes in, but today we’ve launched a fun addition and we wanna give you the quick and dirty.

You’ve probably noticed the horizontal category menu in the strip of blue at the top of this column; clicking any of those buttons will take you to the chosen category’s post archives. Cool. But if you click the MP3 button (or just head to, you’ll find something even better than a list of posts containing MP3s: A list of links to the MP3s themselves! Hooray for not reading! No editorial to have to pass over with your mouse on the way to the download link, just the sweet, instant gratification of the tracks alone, stripped of context, free and legal as always.

On the MP3 page you’ll find a light blue dropdown menu — use that to select any month and grab songs in a chronological manner. Only goes back to December ’06, sorry — but still, all told there’s 2GB of music for ya to download and load-up onto your new Feisty nano. Best of all, zip files and bittorrent links for said zip files are available on the pages for each month. So just click, save, listen. We’ll do it like this for every month moving forward. Like we said, it’s all about efficiency in procrastination.

Enjoy. And while you’re poking around: What else can we do to improve your user experience, beloved ‘Gum readers?