New Jens Lekman Video – “Sipping On Sweet Nectar”

This charming man, he’s got a way with his words. Jens’s Night Falls Over Kortedala ode to his remembrance of things past is paired with this here short excursion piloting the TF-FUN, a red propjet he takes high in the sky while reminding himself to get perspective: “Take a sip and let it wet your lips / You won’t understand all this until you’re sipping on the sweet nectar of your memories.” What better way to see the forest for the trees then climbing in altitude and soaring above the brush altogether. Turns out the big picture viewing’s only part of what he was doing up there: the TF-FUN’s got skywriting ability, and Lekman signs off on the horizon just like he signs off on his postcards.

Night Falls Over Kortedala is out now on Secretly Canadian.

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