Free Smashing Pumpkins Bootlegs From Back When You Loved ‘Em

Yeah, we’ve been tough on Billy Corgan and Co. for selling smashed guitars and sleepwalking through pointless contests, but have to hand it to them for the array of official free Pumpkins bootlegs — starting from ’88! — that popped up at the official site. It’s a great Pumpkin treasure trove.

Just click here. Don’t worry, we figured there had to be a catch, but so far all we’ve found are great recordings from back in the day (and later). Wanna hear “Silverfuck” from Paris ’92? Not a problem. “Geek USA” in San Diego in ’93? It’s there, too. The generosity, those tunes, and that smiley photo remind us why we put up with Billy’s bullshit for so long. We’ll get ya started, with the Pumpkins’ “new single”…

The Smashing Pumpkins – “Cherub Rock” (Live From Paris, France 6/29/93) (MP3)