Ad Rock

Some of you may have heard “Young Folks” if you watched the first five minutes (and only the first five minutes) of Gossip Girl, as we did (way to stay current, Alexandra!). Anyway, it can be disorienting (or even disarming) to hear familiar songs pop up in unfamiliar spaces, no? For instance, let’s talk ad rock. No, not the Le Tigre-lovin’ Beastie — the sorta Wal-Mart placement thingy that got folks pissed at Band Of Horses recently. Right, what we tend to dub Commercial Appeal. But, more specifically, we’ve noticed songs we like popping up in commercials we don’t.

A ten-year-old Hum song (their only major college radio hit) soundtracks a recent Cadillac commercial (thanks, Andrew) and there’s this ridiculous commercial for YAZ, a new type of birth control, that uses the St. Germain song “Sure Thing,” which we once owned because it was on a CMJ New Music Monthly CD. (Um, why not just use a YAZ song?) Listen to the way they talk!

Fine ‘n’ dandy, but how about more current cuts? There’s Regina Spektor’s “Music Box” in a JC Penney commercial? (Still trying to find video for that one…) Or, last, and definitely least, Matthew Dear’s “Don And Sherri” in a Hummer advert.

Wow, owning an earth-destroying hummer looks like fun. Take that Band Of horses!

So, what have you heard in prime time lately? Excuse us while we go buy something.