In Which We Guess The Stars Of Dr. Drew’s New Rehab Celebreality Show

Dr. Drew Pinsky’s had a great run as a TV MD — somehow parlaying his time on Loveline with Adam Carolla into being the one-time go-to doc correspondent at Today and a CNN talking head (on Dr. Sanjay Gupta sick days, or something) — and now it’s back to Viacom, to join their sad parade of celebrity programming. Following in the footsteps of almost hits Breaking Bonaduce and Shooting Sizemore but without the alliteration, VH1 presents Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, going behind the scenes of celebreality rehab with a new series of specials premiering January 10th. The nine celebrity participants haven’t been revealed yet, so let’s put on our casting hats: Amy Winehouse? Pete Doherty? Courtney Love? Britney Spears? Mastodon’s Brent Hinds? Um, maybe there can be two episodes on Amy Winehouse? Lou Reed at least would probably pop in a Killers record and watch one of ‘em.

Fire away.