Meg White Sex Tape?

The Stripes may have canceled their tour due to Meg’s “acute anxiety,” but it looks like maybe she’s found some ways of relieving it. Of course, when we asked y’all for suggestions about what could’ve caused the duress, we had no idea of a pending (and perhaps involuntary) release of a home sex tape — um, precisely the sort of thing that could fuck with one’s nerves. NSFW screengrab awaits…

The office is split on whether or not this is actually Meg. Could be? Watch here. In any case, the room’s kinda silent, so feel free to use maybe-Meg and partner as metronome and shout out Stripes tunes to soundtrack the fun (“Your Southern Can is Mine”? “When I Hear My Name”?). Too bad she has to keep time with such a small drumstick.

From: Publicist
Date: September 24, 2007 12:25:29 PM EDT
To: Stereogum
Subject: Regarding your recent Meg White post

Dear Stereogum,

I’m surprised that you would run something like this.

Some people have a very twisted sense of humor and this prank is in
particularly bad taste. The tape circulating on the internet as featuring
Meg White is fake. It?s definitely not Meg.