Not The New Beck Video – “Timebomb”

Search a song name on YouTube and find yourself wading through an unwieldy list of fan-made track homages. It’s nice that everybody wants to do their part to celebrate ‘n’ propagate a good track, but most of those uploads are only good for cluttering up yr search results. But every so often some amateur director pulls together something memorable and commendable. The latest from the realm of FanTube worth watching is YouTuber hamcane’s cartoony clip for Beck’s not groundbreaking but pretty cool “Timebomb,” taking us on a tour of Mr. Hansen’s wardrobe choices through the years with a not at all random emphasis on hamsters and Tetris.

Pretty good, right? See kids, it’s always worth the extra minute to upload your videographed moments of expression. You never know — you might come out of it with a development deal.

Tags: Beck