In Loving Memory Of Kurt Cobain: Nirvana Tunes On Cold Case

Bit the bullet and spent an hour with CBS’s Cold Case last night, sorta like CSI series, except set in Philadelphia: dealing with old, unresolved crimes; and for last night’s very special show only, featuring the tunes of Nirvana. The ep, titled “Thrill Kill,” featured a crime set in ’94 and revolved around a rebel grunge teen with a shock of pink in his hair. With alternative alleged-criminals like that? Good enough for C. Love and Primary Wave to cash some track placement checks.

At this point we really don’t object to songs popping up in shows or in commercials. (Aspiring tunesmiths like Kurt gotta put food on the table, too! Oh, right.) What does occasionally stink is the company bands shill for, or even worse and in this case, the shittiness of the show. We spent an hour we’ll never get back watching a ham-fisted caricature sketch of murdered children, wrongly accused tattooed teens, and a painfully predicitible “twist” in which the killer was a normal looking (but truly psycho) dad who reverted to a dark place born from his own abused-as-a-child past. But hearing “Come As You Are” when he was finally put in handcuffs was SO ROCK!

Anyway. Hope this pays for Francis Bean’s tuition or whatever. And speaking of (segue), how about a couple of pics of little Bean from the latest issue of Teen Vogue?

They grows up so fast!

And for the trivia buffs, the other Nirvana tunes on Cold Case were “All Apologies,” “Stay Away,” “If You Must,” “Lithium,” “Drain You,” “Heart Shaped Box” and “Something in the Way.” If you missed it … you didn’t miss anything.