Art Brut – “Unprofessional Wrestling”

Another new album announcement: Art Brut will have the followup to Art Brut Vs. Satan, titled Brilliant! Tragic! out in May. “Unprofessional Wrestling” isn’t on the album, but the band gave it to PledgeMusic. The band are working with PledgeMusic to sell special prizes around their upcoming record, with some of the money raised to benefit the homeless. Have a listen to “Unprofessional Wrestling” below. Guess what “Unprofessional Wrestling” is about. Hint: it’s not about wrestling. It’s about sex! I gave it away:

Art Brut – “Unprofessional Wrestling”

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(via P4K)

Brilliant! Tragic! is out 5/23 via Cooking Vinyl. The tracklist:

01 “Clever Clever Jazz”
02 “Lost Weekend”
03 “Bad Comedian”
04 “Sexy Sometimes”
05 “Is Dog Eared”
06 “Martin Kemp Welch Five A-Side Football Rules”
07 “Axel Rose”
08 “I Am the Psychic”
09 “Ice Hockey”
10 “Sealand”

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