New Jay-Z (Feat. Pharrell) – “Blue Magic”

Seems like only a week ago we learned of that irascible Jigga’s inability to stay retired with the announcement of American Gangster, Sean’s second record since ‘calling it quits’ in ’03. That’s ’cause it was only a week ago — less, actually — and immediately thereafter the audio proof hit the ‘nets. “Blue Magic”‘s the first single, all cold beats ‘n’ icy synth stabs (courtesy of the Neptunes, recalling Clipse in clips) along with Pharrell’s En Vogue midpoint melody (“Don’t you waste your time fighting blind / State your ’cause and you’ll understand,” straight outta “Hold On”). As promised, Jay’s lyrics are inspired by the forthcoming flick about real-life heroin kingpin Frank Lucas (played by Denzel), but he didn’t need to watch a movie to rhyme with authority about drug-slinging gangster savvy.

Jay-Z’s American Gangster is out 11/6 on Island Def Jam/Roc-A-Fella.

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