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LIK – “Ed Anger”

In 2010, Lekamen Illusionen Kallet (LIK) reunited (or was “reborn”) to record this fourth full-length The Second Wind, a collection of crusty, creaky, doom-y black ‘n’ roll, blackened occult garage rock, or black whatever you want to call it, the first since 2007’s shorter self-titled collection. If you’re unfamiliar with LIK, the ballsy Swedish project of Stoif (aka Graav of Armagedda) should appeal to fans of thrashy later day punk Darkthrone, Winter’s icy tempos, or those Celtic Frost moments when Tom G. Warrior says “ooh.” Here, after that four year pause, Stoif’s vocals are a little less Danzig-esque, the production sharper/cleaner, and the riffs catchier. That said, the songs are still woozy, warped, plenty dirty. The mid-tempo “Ed Anger” works as a nice intro, but the entire thing’s worth your time. It’s also worth noting in the below promo photo that Stoif’s removed his corpsepaint, another hint at this newest direction.

LIK – “Ed Anger”

The Second Wind:

01 “The Other Realm”
02 “Death Breeder”
03 “Ed Ånger”
04 “The Delusionist”
05 “Insjunken”
06 “A Filthy Ride”
07 “Kallad till Bortgång”
08 “The Second Wind”

The Second Wind is out 3/28 via Nordvis.

LIK Promo 2011