Then He Saw Their Trades, Now He’s A Believer

Hey hey they’re the Monkees! Who knew they’d be whoring around? Okay, in fairness you had to figure at this point they’d be trying to turn dimes from their ’60s catalogue. Only thing is, well as the story goes, they didn’t really write any of the songs for which our moms loved ‘em. A conundrum, but Davy Jones has got it sorted. The “cute one” may have been a Monkee, but when it comes to his finances, he invests like a Gorilla. Gorilla Trading, that is. This comes courtesy of copyranter

Nice! There’s a subtle class about that spot. For added value, head here to watch and hear some of DJ’s new takes on the classics of your parents’ youth like “Daydream Believer.” Pretty silly, but then Mr. Jones probably needs the money pretty badly. Plus it’s not like he’s subverting the intent of his tunes, since they ain’t even his tunes to subvert. Let John Stewart take it up. If not, pass it on to Jon Stewart. He’ll find the hidden value in all this.

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