New Laura Veirs Video – “Phantom Mountain”

Following up on the amateur awesomeness that was the cartoonish “Timebomb” clip, we have another homegrown, stop-motion stunner. Only this one’s a true winner, in that it was named Champion Of Laura Veirs’s Fan-Made Video competition. Doug Savage lets Laura’s rocker “Phantom Mountain” soundtrack a doodle movie of chickens on Post Its and soon consumes the entire prop-filled apartment in the process. So good we actually visited Doug’s chicken website.

Laura loved all her submissions, though, so she chose some alternate winners for other tunes, like “Wrecking,” “Pink Light,” and “Salt Breakers.” Nothing beats the pencil doodles of “Phantom Mountain,” but worth checking.

And for your portable music player: Laura Veirs – “To The Country” (MP3)

Saltbreakers is out via Nonesuch.

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