New Annuals Video – “Carry Around”

Old-timey Band To Watch Annuals were rocking “Carry Around” everywhere this past SXSW: Now they have a proper video for the tune, the same puppy they performed on Conan way back in January. Yup, it’s kinda fascinating when a group develops a signature song (think “Young Folks,” young folks), but it’s more interesting to see where they go after the freshness of the first chorus fades. In this high-color vid the well-dressed North Carolina kids partake in some extreme croquet — a sorta mix between Heathers and that old board game Mousetrap

Or maybe the Rube Goldberg breakfast in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. Whatever the case, there’s enough inventive mallet action shoved into this thing (note the conveyor belts, tea-time train tracks, ski jumps, waterworks) to make us forget we’ve even heard the song before: Right, it’s all fresh again. Can’t think of a better reason for a video — so two thumbs up, mightily.

Be He Me is out on Ace Fu.

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