The Strokes Hit SNL

I have rarely looked forward to Gabe Videogum’s SNL recap with more anticipation than this week’s because what the hell was that last night? I mean aside from having a script that with sketches both pitched and punched up by Miley Cyrus’s publicist, it is very cool how SNL gave Miley a chance to show what a great sense of humor she has about herself, by comparing herself to literally every other dragged-through-the-mud piece of celebrity garbage and calling her herself an angel in comparison? It’s not the first time someone’s hosted in order for some image rehab, but it was the grossest. Miley’s opening song-ologue was so audience-crushingly tone deaf that whatever musical act was set to follow would be a relief. And hey, it was the Strokes! Who as it turned out could in fact have used that help a bit, insisting on their traditionally weird-television-mix and rebellious ennui thing that was so charming back in 2001 and now plays a bit like a bunch of millionaires legitimately bored with each other (probably because of how we know they are legitimately bored with each other). As far as SNLs go it was their third time, and not so much charm. Watch “Under Cover Of Darkness” for Julian’s flub and reflexive “fuck it!” on live TV, a moment of canned danger that might have been the most notable part of the telecast, and then scroll to the second embed for Angles’ “Life Is Simple In The Moonlight,” which you’ve only heard 30 seconds of before.

(via AudioPerv)

Angles is out 3/22 via RCA. Don’t forget “You’re So Right,” and SXSW, and MSG.