Phil Collins: “I Am Not A Tormented Weirdo”

Phil Collins definitely remembers the Alamo (he collects Alamo memorabilia, is authoring a historical book on it), but it doesn’t seem like folks remember that interview he did about six months ago with Rolling Stone. (I’m really sorry about that sentence.) In the earlier RS Q&A he spoke about suicidal thoughts, life in Switzerland, and his disinterest in the contemporary music business. In a new FHM interview, he seems to say a number of those same things, but they’ve just now inspired various “Phil Collins Is Retiring” stories. The gist of the excerpts: Collins is retiring because of health problems and his disinterest in the current state of music; he was once the most hated man in rock, he doesn’t think anyone will miss him, and he’s more than happy to “write [himself] out of the script entirely…” Today Collins came out of retirement to post a news update on his website. He says he’s been “distorted” and, perhaps, taken out of context. His “Breaking News”:

Greetings to all, I’ve decided to write this in response to the articles that surfaced last weekend regarding my retirement. Why they were printed at all is a mystery, as I haven’t spoken to anybody in the press for a few months.

However, many of the articles printed over the last few months have ended up painting a picture of me that is more than a little distorted. Therefore, I would like to add my comments and try to explain again my reasons for calling it a day.

1/ I’m not stopping because of dodgy reviews or bad treatment in the press.

2/ I’m not stopping because I don’t feel loved, I know I still have a very large fanbase that loves what I do. Thank you.

3/ I’m not stopping because I don’t fit in, this was proved with “Going Back” reaching No 1 in the UK, and doing incredibly well worldwide.

4/ I’m not stopping so I can dive full time into my interest for the Alamo.

I am stopping so I can be a full time father to my two young sons on a daily basis.

Some of the things mentioned above have been said by me in various interviews, but said as asides with a smile on my face and in passing. They were not meant to be “headlines”, they were small parts of a conversation. This clearly doesn’t come over in print and I should know better.

However, the result is that I have ended up sounding like a tormented weirdo who thinks he was at the Alamo in another life, who feels very sorry for himself, and is retiring hurt because of the bad press over the years.

None of this is true.

Thanks for all your messages on the Forum regarding this stuff, it means a lot that you care.
But there’s no need for the straitjacket!

PC x

Phil’s fans come to his rescue at

Read this article at The Telegraph for some excerpts from the FHM story. The full interview will be in this month’s FHM.

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