Patrick Watson Takes The 2007 Polaris Prize

“I really didn’t want to win … I was hoping Chad would,” Patrick Watson said as he accepted the award (and $20,000 kicker) at last night’s Polaris Prize ceremony/concert. And Watson’s probably not alone in feeling that way, although for others’ money you could swap out VanGaalen with Arcade Fire (Neon Bible, Feist (The Reminder), the Besnard Lakes (The Besnard Lakes Are the Dark Horse), Junior Boys (So This Is Goodbye), Julie Doiron (Woke Myself Up), Miracle Fortress (Five Roses), the Dears (Gang of Losers), or Joel Plaskett Emergency (Ashtray Rock).

patrick wilson
[Photo by David Topping for Torontoist]

Stacked field (we were with Besnard Lakes), but like the Mercury Awards a few weeks back the esteemed panel eschewed the obvious and decided to go the unexpected route and help out an underdog. Unfortunately the Canadians aren’t quite as betting crazed as our Brit friends so no week-by-week odds to track speculatively Pat’s progress, but a good number of you guys seemed to know from the go. So congrats to Watson, and like we said last time — nice video.