Pixies Announce Minotaur Deluxe Box Set

It’s hard to say for sure, but this link at www.ainr.com does look like evidence that something, namely a new record called Minotaur, is afoot. The page specifies that pre-order is 6/15. (A+R/Artists In Residence is a design studio, who did the Ghosts I-IV deluxe editions, etc.) Now we just need to figure out more specifics. In related news, Fate To Fatal the rollerderbying self-released Breeders EP is out today. Intentional timing? Design studio with keen sense of promotional skills? Premature link? Well, for now, we’ll just have to see if a Minotaur really is waiting at the end of the maze (sorry).

UPDATE: There is, in fact, a forthcoming release called Minotaur, but it’s not a new studio collection. Though it does involve material recorded by Steve Albini:

It’s just that it’s old material recorded by Steve Albini.

Rolling Stone reports that the band’s studio output is getting the Limited Edition and Deluxe box set reissue treatment. The collections will be packaged together as Minotaur, available 6/15. That’s the Come on Pilgrim EP, Surfer Rosa, Doolittle, Bossanova, and Trompe Le Monde. RS also reports that the sets are “being repackaged with the assistance of [Vaughan Oliver and Simon Larbalestier,] the two men responsible for art directing and shooting the photographs for the original albums.” Things to keep in mind: The recordings won’t be remastered, just repackaged. Also, there won’t be any live recordings and bonus tracks aren’t figured out yet, but you can expect bonus art. In a way all of that makes sense — why fuck with originals that were so great to begin with? Oh, right, because when you spend this much you might want some extras:

For $175, the Deluxe Edition gives fans the five albums on a 24k layered CD and a Blu-ray for a total of five discs, plus a DVD of the band’s 1991 Brixton Academy gig (a year before their split) that also includes all their videos. The Deluxe Edition features additional artwork by Oliver and a 54-page book. The Limited Edition costs $450 and includes the entire Deluxe Edition plus all five albums on 180 gram vinyl, a Giclée print of Oliver’s artwork and a 72-page hardcover book. The Limited Edition comes with a slipcase, the Deluxe in a custom clamshell.

You can get the rest of the information at Rolling Stone.