MGMT – “Brian Eno (Cornelius Mix)”

This has been played on BBC radio a bit, but unless you’re a regular listener you probably haven’t heard this Cornelius remix of Congratulations favorite “Brian Eno.” Because of the pace of the original (plus the line “I’m always one step behind him”), I imagined the song as a literal chase after a mentor or mountain top guru. I think the electric harpsichord, stuttering hand claps and restless piano emphasize the reckless spirit of the original track. Cornelius also gives Andrew VanWyngarden’s vocals lots of space — they sound more distressed than they did before, especially on his “What does he know?” as if Eno’s the key to some unknowable and esoteric puzzle. It’s a fun remix. Listen:

MGMT – “Brian Eno (Cornelius Remix)”

Congratulations Remixes EP is out 3/15.

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