Kanye On Nightline: “I Have Baby Tourette’s”

Kanye On Nightline: “I Have Baby Tourette’s”

In which we learn Kanye doesn’t write down lyrics because he’s part of a new breed of rapper for which “paper’s just a middleman.” Last night, Nightline’s Terry Moran spent sometime with Mr. West, whom Terry later called “carnivorously appetitious” in his inquisitive quest for knowledge. Think he was impressed. The piece’s lead talked up ‘Ye’s near-million first-week sales and gave him that good ol’ “can he save the music business?” tag (poor Rubin, only held that press-generated question-crown for not even a month). But Kanye laid it out: “I am the Coca-Cola, the Disney … the McDonald’s of music.” Moran meets Mom-ye West (from whom we gleaned proper syllabic emphasis: Kan-YAY) and also got Kan to give us a tour of his Hollywood Hills crib (“I’ve always been into Michaelangelo”).

All interesting infobits if you don’t have time to read the 1,001 mag articles on him this month and last. But we tuned in to his Nightline segment in particular in hope of more more memorable political talk. He delivered.

TERRY MORAN: In the heat of the moment it came out. Reflecting now, do you still believe George Bush doesn’t care about black people?
KANYE WEST: I mean, I have a hard time believing George Bush cares about anyone. So … Sidebar — black people also.
TERRY MORAN: Will you say that again?
KANYE WEST: No. It’s already been said.

Well played Kanye. He also told Nightline “the press is editing me.” So we’ll leave it at that. And let him tell you in his own words to stay in school.

So ya know, get educated. Or be a college dropout and fill your walk-in closet with Louis Vuitton. Also: Kanye’s not on drugs, so we’re like siamese twins in that case.

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