New Joni Mitchell – “Shine” (Stereogum Premiere)

Today’s the street date for Joni Mitchell’s first LP in ten years, Shine, a song she says lyrically is “reminiscent of that old Sunday School song about letting your light shine.” There’s a minute of spacious grooved synth-plinks before we even get there, but Joni Mitchell never lied; this tune’s about being all you can be through the vagaries and rubbish of modern life. James Taylor makes an appearance via some subtle guitar work (Joni asked him to “playing short figures like a saxophone”). There’s a behind-the-beat, Blue vibe going, and aside from a little clunky sermonizing, it’s a lovely, slow-rolling set piece. Starbucks will be proud.

Yep, Shine is out today on the ‘Bucks’s Hear Music label, their second release (after Sir Paul got the party started). So, here are your options if you wanna hear more: You can buy the record in MP3 format at Amazon’s finally launched new Amazon MP3 store (and then tell us about your test drive), or you can head to Starbucks today and listen to Shine which, if the Macca rollout is any indication, is probably on infinite repeat.