Blank Dogs – “Tin Birds”

Incorporating a few releases with relatively bigger labels into his large discography of limited-edition 12″‘s, 7″‘s, etc., Brooklyn BTW Blank Dogs is quite literally getting easier to watch. See, for instance, the forthcoming In The Red-imprinted Under And Under which includes 20 new lo-fi hits (15 on the CD) and also finds Mr. Blank Dogs opening up his bedroom and collaborating with outside musicians like Crystal Stilts and Vivian Girls on his murky new wave. As you’ll note via the above image, he’s also removed the mask, but thankfully, the submerged melodies remain just as shadowy. As do his responses to our questions about Under’s “Tin Birds,” the immediately catchy song that premieres in this week’s Drop.

Some of the words are difficult to make out. What’s the narrative? There appears to be some sort of inevitable failure involved.
I changed the lyrics so many times that it’s difficult for me to remember what the song was initially about. There’s definitely failure in there, though.

What does the tin bird represent in the song?
Metallic toys you buy in Chinatown. They look like they’re from another era, not new looking at all.


Under And Under is out 5/26 via In The Red.

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