Lumerians – “Gaussian Castles” Video

Like Kanye West’s “All Of The Lights” clip, this video comes with a “may cause seizures” warning. It’s funny because all of the images that actually make up the video — sunsets, lakes, caves — are the soothing scenes you usually see framed in a spa’s reception area. Speed them up and flash them, and they become some delirious nightmare. “Gaussian Castles” itself reminds me of a swamp; thick, damp, heaving. That goes for much of Transmalinnia, Lumerians’ debut album. It’s worth noting that the band converted an old church into a recording studio and home brewery. Probably a good idea to have both around when you’re recording. Watch the video and grab the track, below:

Here’s the track:
Lumerians – “Gaussian Castles”

And here’s another side of the band, where they forgo the long buildup for vocal harmonies. To me it’s the most straightforward of the album’s nine tracks.
Lumerians – “Atlanta Brook”

Transmalinnia is out now via Knitting Factory Records.

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