9. Blitzen Trapper – “Star Me Kitten”

Blitzen Trapper On “Star Me Kitten”
“R.E.M. were a huge part of my adolescence. Green was the first cassette I ever bought with my own money. When Automatic came out, I remember being intrigued by the delicious, yellow, plastic cassette. The first time Eric (Earley) and I listened to it was in my friend Kyle’s Celica. I think Eric was skipping school. The cryptic lyrics are what still stick with me from that first listen. That is what makes R.E.M. so great. From Murmur to Monster, what the hell is he talking about? ‘Star Me Kitten’ is a perfect example, wonderfully cryptic, yet audible enough to infer your own meaning.
- Drew Laughery

Blitzen Trapper

Mike Mills Talks On “Star Me Kitten”
“AKA ‘Fuck Me Kitten.’ That’s a wacky little song. The thing that stands out for me is how we did the voices on it, which is for me to load my voice into an AKAI and have about eight notes and play it back on an 8-track mini soundboard with eight faders on it so I could bring up my eight notes as needed. We actually did that one live a few times, too.”

“Star Me Kitten” lyrics
Keys cut, three for the price of
Nothing’s free but guaranteed for
a lifetime’s use.
I’ve changed the locks
and you can’t have one.
You, you know the other two.

The brakes have worn so thin that
you could hear,
I hear them screeching through
the door from our driveway.
Hey love, look into your
glovebox heart.
What is there for me inside? This
love is tired.
I’ve changed the locks. Have I
misplaced you?
Have we lost our minds?
Will this never end?
It could depend on your take.

You. Me. We used to be on fire.
If keys are all that stand between,
Can I throw in the ring?
No gasoline.
Just fuck me kitten.
You are wild and I’m in your
Nothing’s free so, fuck me kitten.

I’m in your possession.
So, fuck me kitten.