A Shot Of The Arm

Our friend Lindsay was first to tip us off to this bit of Via Chicago-meets-Colbert Nation news, but it wasn’t ’til reader Andrew T. sent us the full info — along with the intro “My Sister-in-law Anne sent this to me after the Wilco show in Louisville last weekend. She is, without a doubt, a rock star.” — that we really dug in. Turns out Tweedy’s hip to Colbert’s WristStrong fame-ladder bracelet ways; also, turns out Tweedy reads fan signage while on stage. Let’s let Andrew’s sister-in-law tell the story:

I met Jeff Tweedy last night! For those of you who don?t know him, he is the lead singer of my favorite band WILCO. I am also a die-hard Stephen Colbert fan. Recently, I purchased a WristStrong bracelet from Colbert Nation, the proceeds of which go entirely to troops and the impetus of which was Stephen?s broken wrist he suffered when taping the show. Colbert wants to get these bracelets up to the most rich and famous in America, therefore, when you meet someone more famous than you, you must surrender the bracelet.

Knowing this, I made a poster for the concert (Deanna got us awesome seats in the 5th row), and held it up about three songs in. It read, ?Will you wear my WRISTSTRONG bracelet?? You could tell Tweedy was reading it, and when he finished he said, ?Of course I will wear your WRISTSTRONG bracelet!? I ran up to the stage and handed it to him. He obviously knew the routine, b/c he said, ?You are supposed to give it to someone you meet more famous than you, right?? He played the entire show with the bracelet on, which I could show you if I hadn?t lost Ryan?s camera in all the crazy hubbub that ensued.

A tour manager found me after the show and told me that Jeff wanted to take a picture with ?the Colbert lady.? She took me to the buses and after a bit of wait, he came out and thanked me for the bracelet, snapped this photo, and signed Matt?s ticket and my poster. It was so great!

As per WristStrong decorum, Anne no longer has her bracelet; it now belongs to Jeff Tweedy. In return, though, she got a kick-ass story and her pic with Jeff posted all over the internet.

Fair trade!