Björk @ Madison Square Garden, NYC 9/24/07

Well we saw Björk’s first US show in support of Volta (at CoachellaSNL doesn’t count), so it was particularly symmetrical of us to head uptown to MSG Monday night to check the last American date of ’07. For the comparison shoppers: This week’s gig featured less headdresses and big screens, and a whole lot more lasers, confetti, and sticky-tape Spider-Man-esque webbing projecting from Björk’s hands. “I Miss You” was a sweet treat, “Hyperballad” was given the frenzied rave-up Coachella treatment, and the inimitable Antony joined the stage troupe for a riveting, building “Dull Flame Of Desire” (it’s better live, but isn’t it all?). Of course Björk had some help up there (the colorful brass/choir section, the futuristic sonic croupier player, drums, keys, etc. and etc.), but it was pretty powerful to hear her voice and watch her vision via stage set transform the Garden into a church of pagan poetry. Excellent, memorable show.

And actually Santogold’s opening set was a big reason we hit Madison Square on Monday, and she was phenomenal. Didn’t get any pics from her MSG set (and we didn’t get to see middle act/Mercury Prize champs Klaxons for reasons beyond our control), but we’ll have a pic post on the afterparty (featuring Santi, Spank Rock, Amanda Blank, Diplo, and … Andrew WK?) a little later today. For now, jump and see more Björk and the night’s setlist.

01 “Intro/Brennið Þið Vitar”
02 “Earth Intruders”
03 “Hunter”
04 “Pagan Poetry”
05 “I See Who You Are” (w/ Min Xiao-Fen)
06 “Unravel”
07 “The Pleasure Is All Mine”
08 “Dull Flame Of Desire” (w/ Antony)
09 “Jóga”
10 “Desired Constellation”
11 “Army Of Me”
12 “Innocence”
13 “I Miss You”
14 “Cover Me”
15 “Wanderlust”
16 “Hyperballad”
17 “Pluto”
18 “Oceania”
19 “Declare Independence”