Santogold @ MSG & Rebel, NYC 9/22/07 (& Afterparty Pics, Starring Spank Rock, Diplo, Amanda Blank & … Andrew WK?)

Expected to be blown away, by Björk on Monday at MSG, and of course we were blown away by Björk on Monday at MSG. But next to a bananas afterparty, the night offered much more than a chance to reaffirm our Björk worship: A chance to see our latest obsession, Brooklyn’s Santogold. A lot of you guys may know her from the interweb, but as she mentioned onstage at Madison Square, “I don’t even have any music you can buy yet! Björk picked us up and is making it happen.” (Also it was her 21st [UPDATE: Apparently that was a joke, which means she’s older — and we’re gullible] so there was lots of Happy Birthday singing all night. Yay for feel-good stories.) So for the folks that haven’t yet heard, Santogold is the shit. Think M.I.A. x Spank Rock, which makes sense ’cause they have a lot of the same folks in common. Like Switch — who produced cuts on Kala as well as Santi’s forthcoming debut — and Diplo, who’s twiddled both their knobs, some more intimately than others. Surprising how well she played to the MSG crowd, bringing Naeem (aka Spank) out on Santogold cut “Shove It,” an infectious dub cut letting Santi’s show flow and singing chops, and keeping Diplo out on stage for the full set while he did his sound manipulating bit.

Great set, followed by something even more special at the “official” afterparty at Rebel: a full set of Santogold ‘n’ Spank Rock, doing the full Bangers & Cash EP we’ve been breathlessly going on about, as well as cuts of their own catalogues. Amanda Blank was there, too, making “B.O.O.T.A.Y.” (featuring both ladies) and “Loose” (just Amanda). Quite the birthday celebration for Santi, kids going nuts, sweaty floor full of gropers and grinders, dancing ’til way past our bedtime. Anyway, if you haven’t already, dig into her Gold soundz (you’ll find bomb tracks “Creator” and the Switch remix of “You’ll Find A Way” at MySpace). No name or release date for the LP yet, but we will most definitely keep you posted.

There was a random-face factor going at Rebel, too. Don’t ask us how or why, but Andrew WK was there, so here’s a shot of him filming some sort of video bit involving a big bearded dude and a girl in a bikini. Because why not.

We talked with Andrew a bit about the Joy Trilogy, his production work on the excellent SIGHTINGS record, and his date with Kathy Griffin (no hard feelings about her new romance with Steve Wozniak). Nice guy, and super smart (he knew the meaning and origin of Amrit’s name … impressive). Here’s some shots of our Cobrasnake-esqe evening. And, listen to Santogold.