New Frightened Rabbit Video – “The Greys”

Glaswegian trio Frightened Rabbit find themselves in an interesting slot, from a promo/buzz-building perspective anyway: They’re a damn fine band with immediate tunes that took off haphazardly on the back of a 1,000 run of their debut and no formal outreach/press push/touring plan in place. The result? Some scattered web buzz and a mini-jaunt across the pond to the States this past winter. Now FatCat’s got ‘em for larger scale roll-out (and US release, finally) of their debut Sing The Greys, dropping next week. So, not quite new, but at the same time, maybe new to you? Sometime between the initial June ’06 European release date and April of ’07, though, the crew here fell for the record, spanning from roughshod rock to more deliberate, emotive and cinematic affairs. Worth getting into. The uninitiated can start with this new clip for album opener “The Greys,” appropriately shot in the blacks, the whites, and the greys.

Go on, take it for your PMP. But also check “Music Now,” recalling Danish art-rockers Slaraffenland in the shredded background shouts before pulling back into accessible indie pop with a sweet Scottish brogue.

Frightened Rabbit – “The Greys” (MP3)
Frightened Rabbit – “Music Now” (MP3)

Sing The Greys is out in the US on 10/2 via FatCat, now on eMusic.