New Sea & Cake Video – “Coconut”

The constant sideways scan reminds us of Iron & Wine’s video for “Naked As We Came” — what is it with these noun/ampersand/noun bands? — but Sea & Cake’s “Coconut” is less sprinkler-side last-feast, more that obnoxious, constant rush of computerized imagery we’re all faced with on a daily basis: Goddamn those chattering and spinning skeletons, too-cool-for-school frogs, Grateful Dead bears, puckering lips, undulating lingerie ladies, wobbling dolphins, and running-man alligators!

It gets especially trippy if you try to find some sorta clear narrative line between all the flickers. We think the cool frog should play the lead. What’s trippier, though, is that after almost fifteen post-Shrimp Boat years, Sam Prekop still manages to make his signature, floating vocals sound new and inviting. Props, of course, to Archer Prewitt (those Coctail accents!), Eric Claridge (that bass and those paintings!), and John McEntire (those drums!), too. Right, Everybody’s gettin’ in on the act.

Everybody is out now via Thrill Jockey.